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2012-2013 Stocking Guide (PDF)


CRSA operates its Salmon-in-Schools Program in many Connecticut public schools. Under the program, Atlantic salmon eggs, taken from returning adult salmon or their offspring, are reared for the salmon Restoration Project in school classrooms. When the eggs hatch, the young fish, called alevin, quickly develop into fry. At this stage, they are collected and stocked at selected locations in the Connecticut River watershed as part of the overall restoration stocking program. Students from kindergarten through high school participate actively in all phases of the program, including the stocking; the program runs from January until early May. For a more detailed introduction to the program, including background and anticipated schedule, click here.

CRSA provides guidance and teacher education, technical assistance and materials, as well as critical links to the state Department of Environmental Protection and the Connecticut River Atlantic Salmon Restoration Project. Anyone interested in becoming involved in the program should contact us.

CRSA has provided orientation services and program materials to participating schools in Vermont through the Vermont Institute of Natural Science and the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum and to participating schools in Rhode Island through the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, Fish & Wildlife Division. In addition, cooperative use of this web site's Schools Bulletin Board has been arranged for the benefit of these schools.

Program Funding Available The Center for Environmental Education at Antioch New England Graduate School has funding available for school environmental programs; application can be made directly on their web site.

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